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1. Before choosing clothes or shoes well consider choosing the type, size, material and purpose of the goods ordered.
2. After the delivery of the goods, check that the delivered goods ordered.
3. Throughout the use of the goods, pay sufficient attention to the purpose of use, care and maintenance of this product.

II. Terms of complaints
1. Where are the purchased goods in the law specified time fault, the customer has the right to claim the defect.
Second Defect means a change (properties) of goods, the cause of which is the use of unsuitable or poor-quality materials, technology failure or inappropriate technology, or inappropriate design.
3. The defect can not be considered a change (characteristics) of the goods occurring during the warranty period due to wear, misuse, inadequate or improper maintenance, due to natural variations in the materials from which the goods are manufactured, as a result of any damage to the user or third person or other improper interference.
4th availing the customer right from liability for defects in the goods sold in an orderly manner, the store manager or the authorized employee must decide on a claim immediately, in complicated cases within three working days. This period, however, not include the time required for expert assessment of the defect.
5. Claims shall be deemed to have been properly raised, if the claimed goods and complete a claim does not prevent the general principles of hygiene. The customer is obliged to submit the claimed goods, cleaned and free from all impurities and sanitized. The seller is entitled to refuse to accept a complaint procedure goods that will satisfy the above-mentioned general hygiene principles (Decree 91/1984 Coll., On measures against contagious diseases).
6. Complaint including defect removal will be handled without undue delay, within 59 days from the date of application. Store manager or the authorized officer may, in justified cases, the customer agree a longer period.

III. Filing a complaint
1. The customer can claim in a physical store. The customer submits a complaint in person or by mail. Purchases of goods claimed in the store or shop shows the best customer proof of purchase. Without submitting proof of purchase will initiate a complaint procedure only if the customer demonstrates another credible manner, respectively. demonstrate that the claimed goods purchased in the store (shop).
2. The head of the shop or the authorized employee is obliged to give the customer a confirmation of when liability rights for defects asserted, on how to resolve the complaint, as well as perform any repair and its duration.

IV. Defective goods
Seller shall be liable to the consumer that the matter on receipt has flaws. In particular, the seller is liable to the consumer at the time when the consumer over the case,
• thing has qualities that the parties have agreed, and the absence of agreement, those characteristics that describe the seller or the producer or the buyer expected given the nature of the goods and based on advertising they carry,
• the case fit for the purpose which it uses for selling or states to which this kind of thing normally used,
• corresponds to the quality or thing performing the agreed sample or template, if it was quality or performance determined in accordance with the agreed sample or model,
• that in the corresponding quantity, measure or weight and
• thing meets the requirements of the legislation.

V. Rights from defects in goods
Unless the thing above mentioned features, the consumer may require the supply of new things without defects, unless it is due to the disproportionate nature of the defect, but if the defect affects only part of the case, the consumer may require only replacement parts; if this is not possible, it can withdraw from the contract.
If, however, due to the disproportionate nature of the defect, especially if you can remedy the defect without undue delay, the consumer is entitled to a free remedy.
The right to deliver new things, or replacement parts, the consumer and in the case of removable defects if the matter can not be properly used for recurring defect or for a larger number of defects. In this case, the consumer has the right to rescind the contract.
Unless the consumer from the contract or does not apply if the right to deliver new things without defects, the replacement of its components or to fix things may request a reasonable discount. The consumer has the right to an adequate discount even if the seller can not deliver his new thing without defects, replace the part or thing to fix, and in the event that the seller fails to remedy within a reasonable time, or that the remedy seemed significant inconvenience to the consumer.
Right from the defective performance does not belong to the buyer if the buyer knew that the thing has a defect, or if the buyer itself caused the defect.

VI. Deadlines
The consumer is entitled to exercise the right of defects that occur for consumer goods in the period of twenty four months from receipt. When manifest defect within six months of receipt, it is understood that the matter was already defective upon delivery.

VII. Other
Seller's liability for defects does not cover wear and tear caused by normal use, .u things sold at a lower price at fault for which the lower price was negotiated for used stuff to a fault caused by use or wear that thing should take over the buyer, or if it appears that the nature of things.
At the request of the consumer, the Seller shall provide the consumer with written confirmation from defective performance of obligations to the extent provided by law. Permitted by the nature of things, it is sufficient to give the buyer proof of purchase, the case containing the information (invoice), which must contain information such as name and surname, name or trade name of the seller, identification number, registered office, if a legal person, or residence, if a natural person. The consumer is entitled to withdraw from the contract in all cases provided by law. The withdrawal is effective against the Seller from the time he delivered a statement on the Buyer terminate the contract, if all necessary legal conditions. In case of withdrawal from the contract is canceled from the beginning, and the parties are obliged to return everything and get on that basis provided it. In case of cancellation due to application of the rights arising from liability for defects, the buyer returns the transaction which Seller gave him only in so far as this is the situation objectively possible.

VIII. Settlement of the claim
Claims, including the removal of defects must be settled without undue delay, within 59 days of lodging a claim if the seller and buyer agree on a longer period. After this period, the Buyer accorded the same rights as if it were a fundamental breach of contract.
The period for settlement of claims is suspended if the seller has not received all the documents necessary for processing the complaint (of goods, other documents, etc.). The seller is obliged to require additional documentation from the buyer in the shortest possible time. The deadline is suspended from that date until delivery of the required documents by the buyer.
For situations where you need to send goods to the Seller or the service center, the Buyer in its own interest leads to the goods packed in an appropriate and adequately protecting packaging material satisfying the demands of transport fragile goods, including all accessories and identified the consignment appropriate symbols.
Service center after proper settlement of the complaint will prompt the buyer to take over the repaired goods.
The claim expires in case of improper assembly or improper putting goods into operation, as well as improper handling, ie. Especially when using the products in conditions that do not conform to their parameters the parameters set out in the documentation for the goods.
When visiting any technician at the buyer needs to be drafted protocol on the identified defects and their removal form. Without such a protocol is to visit the technician considered.
In case of withdrawal from the purchase contract or obtain discounts on the purchase price is refunded to Buyer the relevant payment by transfer to a bank account or transferred in cash at the box office at the headquarters of the seller.
Other helpful information regarding complaints are also available on the website of the seller.

IX. Final Provisions
These Complaint Regulations come into force on 1 January 2014. Changes complaints procedure reserved.
Complaints Procedure has been prepared in accordance with Law No. 89/2012 Coll., As amended (the Civil Code) and Act no. 634/1992 Coll., On consumer protection, as amended.

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