ACEWELL ACE-7859 Black Černá Multifunkční přístrojová deska Tachometr Rychloměr / Otáčkoměr / Lap Timer / Ukazatel Zařazené Rychlosti měřič paliva - palivoměr wired remote control


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Brand: Acewell
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Multifunkční přístrojová deska ACEWELL ACE-7859 Black Černá



The 7859 with wired remote control.


Excellent, large clear display simultaneously displays Revs, Speedo, Fuel Gauge, Bar graph Temp, Gear indicator, 4 x4 symbol (2wd/4wd) & one other digital readout. There is a second temperature input which another temp sender can be added to (not included) to display oil temp. Any items not required can simply be switched off during setup procedure so they don't display.


The 7859 with wired remote control adds functionality & also enables the use of the 50 lap, lap timer, additionally you can add a magnetic sensor (506 kč) to automatically count laps where there is an induction loop embedded in the track, or an infra red transmitter & receiver 1020kč) line of sight required for operation


Backlight turns on with sidelights as per IVA regs


All warning lights required for IVA test


Bar graph tacho can be set for 0-10,000 0r 0-20,000Rpm


Fully compatible with almost any car or motorcycle engined vehicle (note for older diesels a further speed sensor may be required to provide tacho functions)


Speed input can use standard speed sensor/magnet supplied, optional cable drive adapters (motorcycles only, additional cost) or many OE fitted gearbox speed sensors on both car & motorcycle units


Gear indicator calculates gear by speed/rpm readings - no additional sensors required - can show H L N R P & gears from 1 up to 8


Fully water resistant, can be fitted to motorcycles, kitcars, off road buggies, beach buggies with no fear of rain damage


Fuel gauge is programmable for 10 - 990 ohms at both full & empty positions so will work with any fuel gauge sender


Battery warning light can be configured to come on & off at any voltage within range required


Maintenance warning can be programmed for required mileage or hours of use


12/24 hour clock & useage timer, 2 x trip odometer settings


Can be set for MPH KMH switchable


1/4 mile, 0-100kmh, 100kmh - 0 acceleration & deceleration timers all built in


Built in 50 lap, lap timer operated from wired remote control (included)


Includes Rpm sensing wire, speed sensor & magnet, 1 temp sensor, wiring harness, wiring diagram & full fitting instructions


Dimensions of the unit are 170 x 101 x 30mm

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